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Belly-reducing massage

If your goal is to eliminate the extra rolls and tune your figure, this plan is for you. The job,  the routine, and the stress are the  number one enemies of the harmony in our lives. That is why in Samay we have developed a therapeutic plan that will not only allow you to reduce measures but it will be a time for yourself and your comfort.

During the treatment all our therapeutic techniques will be focused on preventing the retention of liquids, promote the fat burning and mold your figure. Abdomen waist & more.

For the accumulations of fats that require an extra effort we have 2 therapies: Reductor Plus and Reductor Premium, which may include the following:

Reducing-localized massage:

What are reducing and reaffirming massage?

Reducing and reaffirming massages are specialized massages to reaffirm tissue, eliminate cellulite and tone the skin.

What are the benefits of reducing massage?

In SAMAY SPA we accompany our reducing and reaffirming therapy  with aromatherapy that help to relax the body and the mind. Some of the benefits of therapies are:

  • Reduction of localized adiposity
  • Reaffirmation of tissues
  • Promotes the production of collagen
  • Improves skin elasticity
  • Tones the muscle fibers
  • Promotes the removal of fluid retained in the body.

It reduces measures from the first session. The reducing and reaffirming massage use essential oils or creams. Liposuction without surgery and natural.

Reaffirming massage:

It is a technique that allows to restore firmness and smoothness to the body. This is specially designed to remove toxins and reduce water retention while restoring and adjusting the tone to the muscles,  the massage is applied with essential oils or special creams that promote skin firmness, increased collagen, elasticity and helps repair damaged skin.

Reducing massage:

It is useful to free the body of toxins and improve various body functions that directly help in losing weight. The massage will not only help you eliminate localized liposity, but it will also give your body a feeling of relaxation, reduce stress and improve your mood.

If you want more information about our treatments, do not hesitate, call us, we can gladly assist you and solve all your doubts. At SAMAY SPA we have created a warm environment for you to relax and forget about stress.


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