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Hot stone massage

Hot stone massage or geothermal therapy combines traditional therapeutic massage with the application on the skin of stones at different temperatures, to facilitate the flow of vital energy and thus alleviate physical and emotional disorders.

What is a hot stone massage?

Although it has become fashionable for a few years now, the origin of the known geothermal therapy or stone therapy is an ancient Oriental massage technique inspired by discipline like Reiki, believe that in our body there are seven Energy centers called ‘chakras’, through which flows the energy of the universe (Rei) and vital (Ki) of each person.

According to these disciplines, if we suffer from illness or discomfort, it is because the energy does not flow through our body correctly, and this is usually caused by the blockage or malfunction of one of the chakras.

Geothermal therapy allows therapeutic massage to be combined with the use of hot and cold stones – placing these at the points where the chakras are found; thus achieving energy to flow  properly and relieving our discomfort. Lets not forget that many of the stones used are of volcanic origin so that, in addition to improving the flow of our own energy, our body will receive energy from the earth (Rei).

But this type of therapy is not exclusive of the Oriental part of the world. It was also used by natives of Australia and America who, through saunas, combined the use of stones with the aromatic plants.

Properties of geothermal massage:

Due to its numerous properties, there are already many massage centers and spas that perform the technique of hot stone massage. Of all the benefits, this 3 are the most important:

  • Reduction and relief of pain through the direct action that is exerted on the points (or chakras) responsible for transmitting the sensation of pain to the nervous receptors that make us aware of it.
  • Elimination of toxins from the skin through sweating, which occurs because of the high temperature of the stones (about 50 ° C).
  • Improvement of the circulatory system, thanks to the difference of temperature of the stones, that goes from 8ºC to 50ºC, and to the action of the massage. The combination of both factors makes our blood circulation active.

Benefits of a Hot Stone Massage:

Like many other therapies that are performed by massage, geothermal therapy also produces remarkable improvements in the general well-being of our body. But in reality, its benefits go far beyond the sense of well-being it generates. Some of the many benefits of hot stone massage include:

  • It improves the functions of our organism, reduces chronic pain – especially the bones and muscles and helps balance the nervous system and circulatory system.
  • It helps us to relax, because through the correct flow of energy, we harmonize body, mind and spirit, and this allows us to significantly reduce our stress levels.
  • Last but not least, it has numerous visible aesthetic effects, as it revitalizes, oxygenates and illuminates the skin. This is a consequence of the improvement of blood circulation and the elimination of toxins, which contribute to reaffirm the tissues and make the skin look much more smooth and healthy.

This type of therapy is especially recommended in cases of nervous problems such as stress, anxiety or insomnia, for circulatory problems, and to relieve muscle and joint pain, as well as beauty treatments.


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