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Maras Salt Scrub

The sea salt, coarse or ground, becomes an excellent scrub of the skin, totally natural and with incredible benefits remineralizing. Find out how to use it at home easily.

A scrub is a product or element that when applied to the skin helps in the natural process of removing dead cells, impurities and scales that are deposited regularly and daily on the surface of the epidermis. It is especially useful when it comes to rejuvenating the skin, improving the appearance when it is damaged by the sun, to improve acne scars, to discolor or remove stains and to reduce wrinkles in a totally natural way.

Its use becomes an extremely useful option for skin care, especially in those areas of our body that tend to be more exposed to environmental pollution. That is why it is very important to exfoliate the skin of the face, arms and especially legs.

Within the gentle scrubs we can opt for the maras salt, ideal for people with sensitive skin or for those who start to use a scrub for the first time and do not know very well how their skin could react. And within the strongest scrubs we find the sea salt.

The Benefits of Maras Salt Scrub in skin:

  • Excellent to eliminate dead skin: Maras Salt when applied on the skin stands out for being a natural product much more abrasive, so its tends to be more directly and intensely.
  • Oily skin with acne: As you know for sure the oily skin is characterized by a greater production and presence of acne. In this sense the Mara Salt is a useful scrub to help absorb excess sebum.
  • Natural mineralization: Unlike sugar, the Maras Salt is very rich in minerals, which performs a very healthy and therapeutic mineralization.
  • Eliminates impurities: In addition to being useful for the elimination of dead skin, the Maras Salt acts as a wonderful natural scrub to eliminate both toxins and impurities of the skin.


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