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Relieving massage

It is one of the most requested and used to lower stress levels due to stress, repetitive movements, acquisition of bad postures in daily life that in the long run, cause general ailments and general discomfort.

During the massage process, the patient feels great relief and comfort in the most affected areas, with special emphasis on neck, back, lower back, not forgetting also legs, thighs and cuff, applying different maneuvers, techniques and specific pressures, identifying the more tense and tired muscles, helping to  regain its function and normal mobility.


The relieving massage is highly beneficial since:

  • Improved mobility and elasticity of stressed muscle.
  • Reduces physical fatigue.
  • Prevents muscle diseases resulting from poor body posture.
  • It releases endorphins, contributing to a pleasant state.
  • Increases blood circulation, improving muscle oxygenation.
  • Promotes the nervous system.

It can happen that in the day to day we do not realize and we accumulate tensions, that are reflected in the body and that finally produce pain, pulls or annoyances. If they are not taken care of in time, they can lead to injuries.

A relieving massage  as the word itself indicates, is used to relax the muscles and dissolve the contracture that are produced by stress, bad postures, lack of rest or a life too sedentary.

It is a massage somewhat stronger than a just relaxing type, although it does not have to be more painful than essential, only natural while working the area that is tense.

Body-mind-emotions relationship

We have to take into account something that is important and that most people do not know: everything that happens to us, also on an emotional level, has repercussion in our body.

This we need to take care by feeding, going to the doctor when it is necessary, going to the gym or participating in some physical activity to keep us in form.

Even so, this alone is not enough if we do not learn to observe what happens to us internally, that is, if we focus on symptoms (contracture,  pains or discomforts), we can solve them momentarily in very different ways, but without knowing the cause the produced it. Instead  we need to learn to relate to what our body manifests.


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